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Toyota Celica GT-S

NachoFriend Racing at the 2021 Arse-Freezapalooza

Why Our Thirteenth Place Class Finish In Sonoma Was a Rousing Success We at NachoFriend Racing define success not by where we finish, but by how much fun was had. Yes, winning is fun, but so is laughing in the face of adversity as we stomp on its toes. Our

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Race Prep for Sonoma

Team NachoFriend Racing’s last track appearance in July 2021 at Oregon Raceway Park was so dismal that I didn’t bother to document it here. Our 1985 Toyota Celica GT-S leaked fuel from the fuel sender and had ignition problems that sidelined us for a good part of Saturday’s racing. Of

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NachoFriend Racing To Dominate at Sonoma

Our #664 1985 Celica GT-S heads back to the track in April, competing in the 24 Hours of LeMons Yokohama Sears Pointless 2021. The team had originally planned to participate in the December race in Sonoma, but it was cancelled due to COVID. We expect the car is better prepared

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Sunshine and Hot Laps – 2020 Northworst Grand Prix

NachoFriend Racing returned to Shelton, Washington in July 2020 for the Pacific Northworst Grand Prix at The Ridge Motorsports Park. One year had passed since our last race, at the same location. The world, and my world, had changed immensely since that 2019 race. We had experienced COVID, lockdown, face

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The Car Fails Us

24 Hours of LeMons Pacific Northworst Grand Prix A whiskey sour sat poised off my right elbow. I ignored the video poker machine that was mounted in the bar’s counter. Cigarette smoke wafted into the “non-smoking” area. One of the Golden Girls, I think the oldest but never watched the

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NachoFriend Racing at Thunderhill – The Racing Part

Part Two Click for part one. We arrived at Thunderhill in Willows, California at a reasonable time Friday morning. My only concern with tech was if our fire suppression system would pass, and only because it had never been through tech before. Our drivers arrived this morning after driving all

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24 Hours of LeMons – NachoFriend Update

NachoFriend Racing has been accepted into the 2018 Smells Like Teen Spirit race at The Ridge in Shelton, Washington. This will be our second race of the year, after having finished 3rd in class at Sonoma in December 2017 and March of this year (yes, we finished 3rd in C

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Race Prep for Sonoma

Team NachoFriend Racing’s last track appearance in July 2021 at Oregon Raceway Park was so

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