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Hot Car Summer

The end of every summer brings new hope of completing car projects throughout the rainy fall and cold winter months. I dream of working in the garage, preparing for the dry July and August that briefly grace the Pacific Northwest. I will throw the covers off the cars and be

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1971 Corvette Data Sheet

1971 Corvette Data Sheet Oil Type: Valvoline VR1 Racing Conventional Motor Oil, high zinc Oil Weight: 10W30 Oil Capacity: 5 quarts Oil Drain Plug Wrench Size: Oil Drain Plug Torque: 25 ft-lbs Oil Filter: Wix 51069 Oil Change Interval: 3,000 miles Spark Plugs: Tire Pressure: 31 front, 31 rear Tires:

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Project Season is Here. So What’s the Plan?

As I type this paragraph, a late summer shower is washing away the smoke from forest fires. NFL has just started to provide us with some much-needed entertainment. Our daughter is back in school. Technically, she’s in her bedroom, but she is receiving instruction and doing homework (or so she

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Need More Cars Garage Update

I thought I would provide an update on the current status of all of the cars in the NMC garage (mostly so I can look back and say “Oh yeah, I already did that” next year when I go to perform miscellaneous tasks).

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WDID – Installed a Piece of Foam

Sometimes I perform jobs in the garage that may not be quite as technical as others. I might do something that requires no tools whatsoever. It’s possible I would perform a task better handled by a six year old. This post will cover just such a task. Corvettes from 1968

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WDID – Dam my Corvette

My 1971 Corvette will see some fairly hot weather. We intend to drive it down to Napa, CA next summer. Napa itself is fairly temperate, but to get there from Seattle one must venture through such places as Redding and Corning, where it’s not unusual to see temperatures north of

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What Did I Do? I Built An Engine For My Corvette

I purchased my 1971 Corvette with the specific intent of building an engine for it. Little did I know that it would take almost twenty years to achieve this. The Corvette came from GM’s factory with an L48 350 cubic inch small block making 270 (gross) horsepower.

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What Did I Do? – Straps!

Years ago, I purchased a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase to use on our Corvette’s luggage rack. My wife and I intend to use this as extra cargo space for our next trip to Napa in August 2016, so she can bring all of her shoes. At this point she would

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What Did I Do? September 6 Edition

What Did I Do? is where I tell you about what I did to my car(s). WDID is not intended to be overly technical because technical can be boring and then you’ll get distracted and go look for home recipes for Screaming Yellow Zonkers. I may or may not have had this happen.

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Meet the 1971 Corvette

I purchased my Corvette in February 1996, when I was 29 and had no kids. I kind of suspected a kid might be immenent and thought it best to acquire this toy before the kid. The car came from the factory with an L48 (base engine) 270 hp V8 and

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Hot Car Summer

The end of every summer brings new hope of completing car projects throughout the rainy

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