Plymouth Colt

Radwood PNW 2022

I have become bored with car shows in my old age. I don’t hate the occasional Cars & Coffee because I can stroll through the parking lot and then leave when I’ve had a chance to talk to someone I might know or who has an interesting car. I’ve seen

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A New Colt In the Stable

Podcasts. I listen to them almost daily. When I’m getting ready in the bathroom in the morning I listen to car podcasts. When I make dinner in the evening I listen to comedy with an AirPod in my ear. One of my go-to car podcasts is the Driving While Awesome

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1985 Plymouth Colt GTS Turbo Data Sheet

Fuel Capacity: Oil Type: Valvoline VR1 Racing Conventional Motor Oil, high zinc Oil Weight: 10W30 Oil Capacity: 3.7 quarts Oil Drain Plug Wrench Size: Oil Drain Plug Torque: 44-57 ft-lbs Oil Filter: Wix 51381 Oil Change Interval: 3,000 miles Spark Plugs: Bosch 6737 Tire Pressure: 26 Tires: 195/50/15 BFG Sport Comp 2 Wheels: 15×7 Enkei 92 Wheel Lug

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