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Project Season is Here. So What’s the Plan?

As I type this paragraph, a late summer shower is washing away the smoke from forest fires. NFL has just started to provide us with some much-needed entertainment. Our daughter is back in school. Technically, she’s in her bedroom, but she is receiving instruction and doing homework (or so she says). Football season is also project season. It’s the time of the year that car enthusiasts take stock of their driving season, determine what needs to be fixed, improved or tinkered with. The Need More Cars garage is no exception to this. I have made a plan of attack to get ready for driving enjoyment next spring. Below is a list of the cars that need some attention, and the projects I hope to complete.

Porsche 944

After the recent clutch install, the 944 will see action as a daily drive this fall. There are a few items I can address while it is my commuter car. The steering wheel isn’t centered, which is an easy fix, but I also have a new Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel whose horn I can’t get to work. I purschased a throttle response cam from, which gives the throttle a more linear response than the factory cam. The tires installed on the 16 inch wheels are performance summer tires. I would like to get some all season tires mounted on the original 15 inch phone dial wheels so I can drive it in the winter when it gets cold. The shifter boot is nearing the end of its life. A factory-appearing replacement is in order. The air conditioning stopped working, but I don’t expect that to be an issue until spring.

Pontiac LeMans

The Pontiac received Holley Sniper EFI last year and it’s been working admirably. Since then, I’ve purchased a Windows tablet that will allow me to fine tune the ECU. In August of 2019, I purchased a Holley HyperSpark EFI distributor, ignition box and coil. My heart attack in February set back what should have been completed for this summer, but I will endeavor to tackle this project next. Expect to see some technical EFI goodness on Need More Cars soon.

BMW 2002

The 2002 has been stored in the warehouse for years now. I’ve installed H4 headlights, a new Momo Prototipo steering wheel (the horn works) and had new Falken Azenis RT615K tires mounted on 14 inch bottle cap wheels. I intend to bring the car home and drive it around the back-country roads near my home. I want to assess its mechanical state in preparation for a restoration. There are a lot of cosmetic fixes to be done on the 2002, removing rust, polishing the trim, and removing bumpers on which a 747 could land. My goal is to restore it to its factory color – Sahara or, as I call it, “shocking tan”. This little car will be a big project.



Mighty Max

My goal with the Mighty Max is to have a street legal 24 Hours of LeMons car. The first steps will be to replace both fenders and the front bumper (there is no rear bumper). My daughter has located a suitable donor in a junkyard nearby and we hope to visit it soon to obtain our new parts.

Boxster S



The Expedition had a funny thing happen. This was likely the most annoying failure I’ve encountered in my life. The hazard lights would randomly turn on. It didn’t matter if the car was parked, if it was being driven, it didn’t even care that there was no hazard. Several times, I awoke in the morning to see the Expedition’s lights flashing away. One morning, the battery was dead. I installed a battery cut-off device under the hood to prevent the flashers from flashing. Eventually it got to the point that, while driving, the flashers would not turn off at all. My local garage replaced a module, the dealer programmed it and now all is fine. Next up is front and rear brakes.

These projects should keep Need More Cars busy well into the spring. Look for updates on this site!

*JDI = Just drive it.

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